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05/01/13 09:33 PM #3    


Donald Meek

I can't see the forrest for the trees...

05/02/13 11:15 PM #4    


That's right!!! Don, no trees when we were there!!!

05/19/13 06:59 PM #5    

Ginnie Farris (Ammons)

Saw an announcment that we should celebrate our 65th's this year.  I think that would be great, our 60th was great and we really need to make plans for our 50th celebration soon.  Any interest besides me???

Ginnie Farris Ammons

05/27/13 06:48 PM #6    

Don Drewry

65th sounds good to me.  This story not told from our 60th.

A guy walked up to me (I cannot for the life of me remember who---anyone want to confess?)  Asked me if I graduated from Denison in 1967. Yes.  He said "Really? Are you sure? I don't remember you."  I don't think he ever believed me.  It didn't occur to me  until later that he was trying to remember someone in our class that was in a wheelchair and didn't have legs.  Once I realized what must have happened I laughed for days.

06/04/13 09:05 AM #7    

Tonda Kidd (Crenshaw)

Another birthday party would be great!  I really enjoyed  it.  Just a very casual evening where we had plenty of time to visit.  Let's do it.

06/07/13 10:35 PM #8    

Lynne Blassingame (Dye)

Let's do it!



06/08/13 01:31 PM #9    

Candy Ketcham (Vickery)

I also think it will be fun... however, are you sure we are that close to age 65????

06/10/13 02:16 PM #10    

Tonda Kidd (Crenshaw)

I didn't think so, but the Social Security Office keeps sending me stuff that makes me think that THEY think I'm approaching 65.  :(

06/11/13 08:43 AM #11    

Riccardo Salvadori

... only the Social Security Office think so ...

I remember you  all very ,  very young and pretty ,...

so  you  don't have do declare the reason  for a party  !!!!


... with love to  the class of  67   and to all "Denisonians" !!

riccardo salvadori

06/12/13 12:06 PM #12    

Candy Ketcham (Vickery)

Maybe you can come to the "birthday party"???  It would be great to see you.  Many of our class would love to see you again too!

As always...thinking of you.


06/12/13 12:25 PM #13    

Linda Kay Harris (Crain)

Kathy, You ask what looks different about the school? Well, my grandson goes there now and when he comes out the middle doors I tell him that is where the girls restroom use to be when I went there!!!! Plus they have added on and done some energy things with the windows. Was good to see you the other day. Kay

02/02/14 01:04 PM #14    

Jeannie Hays (Nichols)

Greetings All!

Any thing happening towards a class reunion??  

she asks hopefully



02/03/14 08:25 AM #15    

Philip Hurley

Love to see you guys...would love to do it!  Phil Hurley  PS  This age stuff is really getting me down....SS check is next!  PHH

02/10/14 04:06 AM #16    

Riccardo Salvadori

Dear all,

I am preparing an "American party" (better to call it a "Denisonian party") here in Vicenza with my fiends (about 100) to let them understand why I am always talking , when I am with them, about my 66/67 year in USA..

I am asking you if there are some videos about our band, .... or cheerleaders, .... or football team, ...or pep rally, or .... something else ... of that year ?

I just found : ... that made me choke up remembering you all (even if it is not original ot that year), but I hope you can tell me something else of that year.

If you don't have videos, but other ideas to send me ...... thank you !!!

riccardo salvadori                  


01/12/15 10:51 AM #17    

Riccardo Salvadori

Dear all,

if you look at my classemate profile you will find two photos of the ... USA party  (I wrote months ago) that I organized at the American base in Vicenza with the USO help !

In one I am singing "America the beautiful", and in the second I tried to help all my friends to sing with me .  "Alma mater" of Denison  high school !!!

All this to remember you all and the wonderful year in Denison !

Hope to see you for the 50th year of our graduation .


10/25/16 02:45 PM #18    

John Richardson

This could be good!   Let's talk.  John Richardson

04/15/17 03:41 PM #19    

Marsha Murphy (Claxton)

Any luck locating any of the missing classmates?   So many on the list,  just hope many are found before reunion.

Last contact I  had of Pat Bilbrey she was married to Terry Lawrence in Lewisville.  Sharon Lamkin married in Houston.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September.

04/16/17 07:56 PM #20    

Philip Hurley

Marsha:  Marcus Hubbard should be easy...Hubbard furniture in Denison.....Lloyd Smith in Denison at 903-815-3943 / cell....Home...903-463-2265.  Phil H.

09/17/17 03:48 PM #21    


Donald Meek

09/17/17 03:51 PM #22    


Donald Meek

If anyone is interested in the class photo in 1967 this is the info to get a copy. 

12/15/17 09:31 AM #23    


Kathryn Mosse


Yes, sometime in 2019 we should have a 70th Birthday Party (as we enter our seventh decade!!).  I will lead the pack as September 2nd, 2018, is my 70th birthday. We can just celebrate the fact that we are still alive and kicking! 

More to come.  Ideas anyone?

Love to all,

Kathryn Mosse, Administrator

12/18/17 12:02 AM #24    

Don Drewry

I'm in!


09/06/18 12:46 AM #25    

Sharon Lamkin (Feldt)

I'm in, too! had a great time at the reunion--ready to continue the fun!


09/07/18 04:41 PM #26    

Janis Cassell (Vogelsang)

I’m ready.    Nov 13. I will be 70.   


09/09/18 11:00 PM #27    

Don Drewry

Great pics from the 50th. Thanks Sharon Scott and Kathy Mosse.

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